Thursday, 18 October 2012

Yes Miss, Sorry Miss, I Won't Do It Again Miss

'Can you keep your talking to the end of the session please!' That's me told isn't it. Well not just me but Irish Mummy and Scottish Mummy too, as it was the three of us chirping away. However they don't even notice being told off but she is looking mainly at me in a very stern way so I'll take the bullet. I didn't think you could get told off at these baby groups unless your baby is causing so much havoc that things are being broken or other children are bleeding because of your child. It's like being back at school again but instead I'm paying £4.50 for the privilege. Anyway I softened the blow of a public telling off with a goat's cheese and pesto sandwich with some mums. And it was really quite tasty (the food). I'm lucky the mums I know seem happy enough to sit and chat away with me being there, just like one of the ladies. Which takes me to last night.

'You make a good wife' The Chancellor joked to me on more than one occasion yesterday evening. 'Thanks' I reply with just the merest hint of sarcasm. Without really noticing it we have taken on fairly obvious gender stereotypes but in reverse. The Chancellor will come home and take over the childcare as I wash up, hoover, and make a start on dinner. She also claims that I've started to nag about things, closing the doors to keep heat in, that kind of thing but this completely untrue. I only advice for the good of the house. I don't prescribe to these stereotypes, obviously, but  if I still had my golden locks of longish hair then with a quick glance I would be a woman. Also I'm just that pretty.

Maybe if I was doing this twenty years ago I may get some looks from people but no one cares anymore and some men do go to these groups as well as me. She then later that night asked if I feel emasculated by our change in circumstances. Grabbing my crotch, spitting to the side and grunting I reply of course not, I am still 100% man. Probably. Though I do love how our new washing up liquid doesn't make my hands dry out and still keeps them silky smooth...


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